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I’m surprised I haven’t seen more people talking about this scene. Dean has always held Cas up on pedestal. Which is why it hurt so badly when Cas betrayed them in Season 6.

And while their relationship has definitely gone through a few loops since then, there’s still this part of Dean that holds onto “the wonder” that is Cas. I firmly believe that’s why he always gets SO upset whenever Cas screws up (i.e. the angel tablet). Dean’s always held Cas in SUCH high regard that any little screw up seems monumental.

So now here we have Cas - as human as can be. He literally has no powers. As he himself says earlier in this scene, he “has nothing.” He is no longer this “all powerful” thing that can come in and save the day. Yet Dean is still here singing his praises. And that amazes me.

yeah, we’ve all had the friend in that relationship…who cannot tell that their other half is fallible…who will not see those clay slippers…and no matter how often their other half lets them down, they still get surprised when it happens…

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I couldn’t scroll past this.

"rock is evil"

People are fucking idiots

Every single person I’ve met in a punk or rock band have been the nicest people I’ve met in my life.

My brothers were into punk rock and still are, but even with colored mohawks and spiked jackets, they still let me have piggy back rides in public and made funny voices when I was upset so that I would smile.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

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The fist official pictures of The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

look, in a normal house like that X2 scene and yay hawkeye’s jacket and…


i miss terrence howard…

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